“janāb-e-‘kaif’ ye dillī hai ‘mīr’ o ‘ġhālib’ kī
yahāñ kisī kī taraf-dāriyāñ nahīñ chaltīñ”




“dillī ke na the kūche aurāq-e-musavvar the
jo shakl nazar aa.ī tasvīr nazar aa.ī




“tazkira dehli-e-marhūm kā ai dost na chhe
na sunā jā.egā ham se ye fasāna hargiz ”


what is riwayat-e-dilli

The game riwayat-e-dilli is a “collage of entwined narratives” from Delhi. The game board has monuments and places that a visitor may travel to, when visiting Delhi. These have been organised in chronological order, but layed out spirally on the game board. The cells have been coloured on the basis of the different cities that have historically evolved into the larger region that is known as Delhi post independence. Our Delhi is popularly accepted as an amalgamation of different cities, the game board attempts to represent this through the differently coloured cells.

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