Puchhte hain vo ki ghalib kaun hai Koi batlao ki hum batlaen kya – Mirza Ghalib


Ghalib ki Haveli is located in Qasim Jan, Balimaran, Chandini Chowk. Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan or Mirza Ghalib, the 19 th century icon of urdu poetry, was a man of little means. He went through a lot of hardships in life, especially financially. However, he always made fun of his miseries which is reflective in his writings. Today, he is one of the most quotable poets. His writings almost cover all aspects of life and he had shers for almost all situations. Once, Mirza Ghalib ran out of liquor, so he went to a masjid to pray. One of his disciples came to know about this so he took a bottle of liquor, went outside the masjid and signalled his master. Seeing this, Ghalib started walking out of the masjid when someone stopped him and asked why he was leaving the masjid without reading the namaz. To which ghalib replied, “Why read namaz when I already got what I had wished for!!!”


The haveli of Mirza ghalib is a small 19 th century residence, located in Qasim Jan, Ballimaran, Chandini Chowk. The haveli represents the declining Mughal Court. As a man of little material means, his is residence small and not very lavish. Today, the haveli is displayed with personal belongings of the 19 th century urdu poet as well as the walls bear some of his famous shers. A bust size statue can also be seen at the haveli.


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